When is a good time to start?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : When is a good time to start?

When is a good time to create templates to sell?

I actually started creating templates as soon as I launched my own freelance business (I had been in an agency before that).

This was perfect, because I had something to do in my down time as I was building up my client base, AND I was able to use my templates as awesome portfolio pieces.

I loved using them in my portfolio also because I had full creative control with them. So they showcased my own style and brand, which in turn attracted potential clients that that style jived with.

That way my portfolio wasn't full of a ton of different portfolio pieces that weren't exactly a good depiction of what I could do. Or what I liked to do.

That being said, when is it NOT a good time to create passive income for yourself?

If you already have a thriving design business, or even if you are currently working for someone else... let's be honest. It can't ever hurt to get yourself some passive income flowing. 

And honestly, the sooner you start, the longer you can enjoy the results.

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