What if nothing sells and I wasted precious time?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : What if nothing sells and I wasted precious time?

What if nothing sells and I wasted precious time?

 The other day I was talking to a seller (who isn't part of my course) and they confided in me, “I listed a template for sale to try and just go for it… but I haven’t sold any.”

So, does this mean all is lost and they should pack up your shop and throw it in the digital garbage bin?

NOOOOO. Please, please, don't do that.

That would be the equivalent of spending a bunch of time making a Christmas ham, and then throwing it away because you forgot to add the glaze on top.

Don't throw it away, just add the glaze you dummy!

So, how do successful people do it?

They look at it as data. If no one buys, that is telling you something. So we make changes and look at the data again.

 But we aren't just randomly making changes willy nilly.

 Throwing spaghettis at the wall and hoping it sticks won't help us.

 In my course Template Shop Takeoff, I have a decision tree for my students to help them look at their data and know what to fix and focus on.

 We have to choose data over drama in business.

 When it is our own shop that's not making sales, we get flustered. We started thinking things like "who was I to think I could do this anyway?"

 So we put off making changes.

Or we choose what feels safest for us emotionally instead of what is actually needed.

Is the problem actually just that we need more traffic? That feels a lot scarier than just simply adding more to our shop. So a lot of people will just keep making items, or continue doing marketing that doesn't get results because it's their comfort zone.

But we know better. We look at what the data is shouting at us, and make our decisions based off of that.

For example, say I have had my shop up for a month and not sales. The conversion rate is 0… but you have also only had 15 shop views. Traffic is the biggest problem in this scenario, because without it you don’t have enough data to know how accurate your conversion rate is. So don’t you dare waste your time designing new templates, or playing with your mockups. Focus all your effort on traffic, traffic, traffic. Switch up your SEO, or even try using paid ads (my favorite strategy) - both of which are covered in my course.

 To sum it all up, remember DATA DETERMINES OUR DECISIONS. Not drama.

And don't throw out the Christmas Ham.

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