What does it take to get consistent sales?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : What does it take to get consistent sales?

What does it take to get consistent sales?

Again, I like to be super upfront about the realities here.

Some months are a lot better in terms of revenue than others. Usually it is the summer that has a little bit lower sales for my business. New years is higher because there are a lot of people scrambling to reach their new business goals. Like, my lowest month this year was $700 from templates sale, and my highest was at like $1650.

So the nature of the beast is that sales will fluctuate depending on the demand that month. And honestly that's how it is for the shopping industry in general, there are higher seasons of sales.

However, we definitely want to be seeing our templates make revenue consistently. 

So how do we accomplish that?

When I added ads to my account, that is really when I started seeing profit consistently. Because I was getting in front of people actively searching for what I was offering.

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