What are your ideas to sell?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : What are your ideas to sell?

The biggest piece of the puzzle… what to sell?

 This decision makes the world of difference for easier sales down the road.

 So I wanna make things a little bit easier and give you some ideas to get your own flowing.

 But first off, lets talk just about about the decision making process of what to create. First choose your target audience, then find out from them what they need. (I offer help with this in my course template shop takeoff)

 These are the two questions you will want to ask yourself about your target audience:

  • What will save your people TIME?
  • What can you do for them that they can’t do themselves?

Once you know that, go to them and think of what they need.

While you think about that, here are 30+ ideas of what kinds of templates you could sell as a freelancer:


  1. Your design process
  2. Your workflow on a platform like ClickUp and Asana
  3. Customer default emails templates 

Graphic Designers:

  1. logos & branding,
  2. packaging design (you could even create basic versions for other designers to use as starting points!)
  3. posters
  4. brochures
  5. canva templates
  6. indesign
  7. illustrator templates
  8. patterns/textures
  9. calendars
  10. invitations
  11. newsletters
  12. email templates
  13. color palettes


  1. photoshop settings
  2. presets

 Web Designers:

  1. child themes
  2. single page templates
  3. sales page templates
  4. small website designs sections
  5. code for certain capabilities


  1. email copy templates
  2. about page copy
  3. brochures
  4. social media captions
  5. ad copy templates

 Let me know your ideas!! I always love bouncing ideas off with your guys!

Email me if you have other questions you would like me to feature! :) - [email protected]

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