True or False: The space is too crowded

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : True or False The space is too crowded

True or False?

The space is too crowded to sell design templates.


Yes, a lot more people are selling templates, but that's because a lot more people are BUYING templates.

A lot of us designers want to be in denial, but now days the ease of designing has improved so much. We now live in the days of Canva and drag and drop website builders.

The average solopreneur can and wants to do things themselves.

But, they don't have the design skills we do. Plus they still need to save time.

Hence, design templates being an insanely popular option.

I'm not saying that "regular" 1:1 design services are dead. There is obviously still a huge place for that. Many businesses are established enough and are willing to pay to not have to do it themselves.

But the point I am trying to get across is that, things are changing rapidly on the online industry (as always let's be honest).

If you want to make money, you have to notice the trends and join in.

I believe in having an abundance mindset. If you think there is nothing out there for you, there will be. If you think there is plenty, there will be.

That being said, I do always recommend having a niche and angle to set you apart. I go into this in my free training (found here).

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