Q+A: Why do people buy Canva Templates? Canva is so simple.

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : Why do people buy Canva Templates Canva is so simple.

Hellooooo! :) We have another Q+A for you over here today. Let's dive in.

Question: Why do people buy Canva Templates? Canva is so simple.

Answer:  For one thing that is absolutely true, there are already a lot of free canva templates on the platform. So when we want to sell templates we have to figure out how to solve a problem that exists.

In my opinion the biggest problem is that all the free templates are all different and not quite a cohesive look. So if people rely soley on the free templates in Canva, they may not have a very cohesive or professional look to their marketing.

Personally I create a branded design for whole sets of situations - so people can have a website, Instagram, stationary, business cards, etc that all match. But there are lots of other ways to fulfill a need. Perhaps it is something that Canva doesn’t have a lot of templates for, or a style that Canva doesn’t really sell. Or maybe the person wants a unique style not found in the free canva options.

The reason people buy canva as well is that some people really struggle with design, and it saves a ton of time for them.

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