Q+A: How often do you need to update templates that you sell?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Q+A: How often do you need to update templates that you sell?

Alright I am getting into another frequently asked question.

Question: How often do you have to update the templates that you sell?

Answer: Maybe once a year if you feel like it? As long as they are working you can leave them. Let me share with you what my experience has been and that may give you a good gauge.

On my Kajabi templates, Kajabi changes their interface more often then WordPress it seems. So I haven't had to update the templates themselves, but I have had to reexport them and update the instructions.

For my WordPress templates, when I first launched I had some technical issues with people not being able to upload them so I had to keep checking for errors and reexporting them. (The issue was that I had hidden images that were too big so it caused timeout errors during upload). But now it is really rare that I get a WordPress tech issue from people. If you set it up right to begin with you wouldn't have the problem I had haha.

For my Canva templates, I haven't had to ever update them so far.

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