How to list your prices on your website

design tips online psychology Mar 25, 2021

I am going to share with you a really cool principle that will explain how to list your prices on your website. It is called the Law of Reciprocal Concessions.

What is the law of Reciprocal Concessions?

Simplified this is basically the idea that people don't like to say "no" twice.

For example: Your child asks if you could take them on a cruise for spring break. You say no. Then they ask if you can let them go play at a friends house... you happily say yes. 

So, if you concede on your original offer, the customer will naturally feel inclined to concede as well.

What does this principle look like on a website?

List your higher offer first.

It may make them balk, but then... List your more reasonably priced offer next. There will be an unconscious comparison happen and the customer will be more likely to feel like they are getting a "deal"

Exit pops

Yes, I agree these can be annoying sometimes so use it with discernment. However, exit popups that offer either a special discount or free trial are a perfect example of reciprocal concessions a play!

There's a little more to it

There are actually a few more interesting principles when it comes to pricing. I wrote about them in this post.

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