How long did it take?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : how long did it take?

We all love the sound of passive income… but the major road blocker?

The time factor.

So no surprise that one of the most common questions from other designers about my template shop is: how long did it take me?

Well I gave it two tries.

My first try? I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overthought things. I did all the things I thought I needed to do, rather than focussing on what customers actually needed... I created three full website themes, a new website, a training course… and NEVER finished. I gave up because I had made things so insanely hard on myself and I wasn’t seeing the payoff. So the time it took? Mmm… an eternity? Let’s not do that. 

Second round? I kept things very very simple. I put my focus more on crafting an offer I knew would sell, and then creating that in the simplest way I could. So in that case from idea to launch it only took me a month and half! (As a mom, and web design freelancer!) And I have been making profit from that product ever since! 

That is the best part of digital products… create it once, profit from it forever. I just have to answer customer support emails every once in a while!

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