Where to sell your templates?

selling templates Dec 30, 2021
Selling Templates : Where to sell your templates?

Let's dive into another mistake that I see people make, when it comes to selling design templates.

They limit themselves by just selling on one location.

Let's walk through this scenario:

Let's say I want to start selling editable packaging designs.

I upload some of these designs to Creative Market.

And some of them sell. Yay!

But what if you then also add your designs to Etsy? And then your website?

And then you advertise your website on Pinterest and Google?

Then you are making:

Some sales (on creative market) + some sales (on Etsy) + some sales (on Pinterest) + some sales (on google)= A LOT MORE MONEY

You spent all this time creating it, get the most you can from it!

I go through aaaaallll these steps in my training on how to make passive income selling templates. 

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